Logbook [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Logbook:

There was no explanation in the group home’s logbook as to how it happened.

Some trifle, probably the logbook which Davies had reached down from the shelf, called her attention to the rest of our library.

They look casually at the shelf among other things—examine the logbook, say—and he manages to push his own book out of sight.

How they cherished her figurehead and exhibited her logbook!

The skipper solemnly read to me an entry in the Official Logbook to the effect that on the night of ——, in lat.

The distribution of certain whales as shown by logbook records of American whaleships.

He gave Tom a receipt for the list of the equipment that had been removed from the ship and signed the logbook.

Tom clambered down the ladder from the radar bridge and immediately noted the time of arrival in the logbook.

However that may be, the story itself is real enough to have come straight from a sailor's logbook.

Strong made a mental note to check the logbook of the Polaris when he returned.