Loges [noun]

Definition of Loges:

special seat in theatre or stadium

Synonyms of Loges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Loges:


Sentence/Example of Loges:

The effect of his drumming before the Café de la Loge was electric.

If you want to have your telephone through the concierge's loge, the telephone service is charged on your quarterly rent bill.

Rousseau had promised to accompany her to the Comdie Franoise, on the condition that they were to occupy a loge grille.

I sent my agent to the Fosters' box, asking them to call upon me in my loge at the end of the opera.

Wotan looks anxiously round for Loge, the treacherous god of fire and lies.

He had moved a few feet from his post, however, and was watching the stage through the half-open door of a private loge.

He then summoned from the bench a man by name Loge, and requested him to come out on the floor and try his strength against Loke.

Loke had eaten all the flesh off from the bones, but Loge had consumed both the flesh and the bones, and the trough too.

They took a trough full of meat and set it on the floor, whereupon Loke seated himself at one end and Loge at the other.

Loge makes a dash at its head and holds the Tarnhelm in his hand.