Logged [verb]

Definition of Logged:

write into record

Synonyms of Logged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Logged:

Sentence/Example of Logged:

Your phone is also listening for the chirps coming from other phones, keeping a rolling 14-day log of all the phones you come near.

Jarring, then, to find one surrounded by leaves and mossy logs.

It’s not going to slice through large logs, but it does a hell of a job carving kindling or cutting into a branch to find dry wood.

Your quest log is no longer overwhelming, thanks to Ubisoft’s solution to side quests, transforming them into moments called “world events.”

The agency told the court Wednesday that many of the 300,000 unscanned ballots were delivered before the election, though it did not provide any data or election mail logs to support that assertion.

This is intuitively obvious, but scientists have indeed confirmed that it’s true by, for example, having subjects walk across a 10-foot “simulated log.”

You could never know this, in your decaying log, but some of those satellites are watching you.

Like Parnell, and several other strong fundraisers this cycle, Skarlatos recorded a memorable walk-and-talk video for online audiences, in which he lifted logs at a timber yard while making the case that DeFazio had been around too long.

A fallen tree becomes a nurse log, home to organisms that nurture new forest life.

It’s effectively like the missed call log on your smartphone.