Loggers [noun]

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Loggers preferred the big camps, the less primitive conditions under which they must live and work.

Time and again the loggers have organized to improve their working conditions only to find themselves beaten or betrayed.

Like the loggers, the shingle weavers were routed time and again, but their spirit never died.

One crew of loggers had started to work in a grove about two hundred feet from the hole in the ice.

The logging camps are disbanded, the loggers return to their homes, and the river-drivers alone are left to begin their duties.

Ive always known that in all Maine this section had gone free the longest from the operation of the loggers.

It was a rude, rough little camp filled with raftsmen, loggers, mill-hands and boomsmen.

He wore evening clothes when occasion required as unconcernedly as he wore mackinaws and calked boots among his loggers.

The black tender had carried too many cargoes of loggers and logging supplies to be a fit conveyance for persons in party attire.

There has been one man killed, and there's half a dozen loggers in the hospital, suffering from burns and other hurts.