Logical [adjective]

Definition of Logical:

probable, reasonable

Opposite/Antonyms of Logical:

Sentence/Example of Logical:

There are also a few logical arguments in favor of going for it.

For them, a model “is just a way of understanding a particular process or a particular question we’re interested in,” Kucharski said, “and working through the logical implications of our assumptions.”

In a room with six exits, it seems like the most logical course of action would be for the crowd to divide evenly among all six.

When the Shakepeare Theatre left, the logical choice would have been to stick to more historical work — to look backward.

If we take this logical and strategic perspective, we can be more efficient in vaccine delivery and enjoy our normal activities much sooner.

Ryan Zimmerman is a logical fit next to Bell, who, as a switch hitter, has much better numbers from the left side of the plate.

A slow market has included a handful of short-term deals for back-of-the-rotation arms, making Lester one of a few logical fits for Washington.

Among his former Secret Service colleagues, Irving was seen as a logical choice for the post.

Such quick growth is logical, as the app is one of the most well-known secure messaging platforms, and at the time of writing it was the most-downloaded free app on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

It’s also logical that the agents of SWORD might use, well, a sword as their symbol.