Logician [noun]

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Then a loud voice silenced us all, and Joe Pidgeon, our great logician, began to hold forth.

What kind of logician must he be who thinks that a phenomenon is defined to be the condition on which he supposes it to depend?

But, viewed with regard to this purpose, they have never been considered as within the province of the logician.

A logician adds two and two and gets four; an intuitionist multiplies them and gets the same answer.

The black skin might—for anything a mere logician can say—indicate the mind of a chimpanzee.

Nevertheless, he would soon suffer the penalty of being too much of a logician.

Let us, then, first keep in mind that Nietzsche is not a metaphysician or a logician, but he is pre-eminently a moralist.

As a logician Bayle had no superior; the best logician will, however, frequently deceive himself.

Our excellent logician was little accustomed to a mixed society: his life was passed in study.

Yet, in a certain way, every one must have been a logician since he began to speak.