Loiter [verb]

Definition of Loiter:

hang around; stroll

Synonyms of Loiter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Loiter:

Sentence/Example of Loiter:

It was within an hour of midnight, and the weather being dark and piercing cold, he had no great temptation to loiter.

We may not loiter along the Nithdale road, rich as it is in traditions and relics of the past.

I believe that is why Jim has a definite camping place in mind for each day and doesnt let us loiter much along the way.

Much depends, however, whether the object of the cruise is to loiter about and fish, or to sail and cover the ground.

Paul, the owner, would loiter in the rear, but was always on hand when we halted for meals.

This is our time; we may now loiter at our ease secure from the swift and scorching sarcasms of the crowded dawn.

I have never once seen a policeman in the lane, and the postmen always hurry out with no evidence of a desire to loiter.

He used to loiter about talking groups if he caught the sound of his name, in the hope of gathering information.

Beside, a sundial is not a portable instrument, and Joshua and his men had something more pressing to do than to loiter round it.

For Daun, all turns on despatch; loiter a little, and Friedrich himself will be here again!