Loitered [verb]

Definition of Loitered:

hang around; stroll

Synonyms of Loitered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Loitered:

Sentence/Example of Loitered:

Sometimes he loitered alone, from sunrise to sunset, in the dreary and rugged wilderness which surrounds the Escurial.

I loitered near him, till I saw him take up his garment and put both his arms into the sleeves to draw it over him.

Here a wood road led up, and we loitered along it, finding late violets and great clumps of red trilliums here and there.

As they loitered in a long shady lane Mrs. Owen made it possible for Sylvia to talk of herself.

The shorter of the two still loitered behind his companion, and inspected the ground with particular interest.

However, it was too strong for his conventions, and he loitered behind in the confusion of merry departures.

A varied assembly of visitors loitered in this hospitable home.

But I must go; I have loitered too long, and Arnaud ought to go to his breakfast.'

The army loitered about tampes instead of pressing on and seizing the bridges across the Seine.

She went alone and came back just in time for lunch, having loitered on the way to read her letters.