Loiterer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Loiterer:

"Unvexed loiterer by the world's green ways" struck forcibly upon him.

Here and there in the passing crowds one might see, now and then, a loiterer edging interestedly near.

The Loiterer began calmly to read solidly through column after column to find this wonderfully exciting paragraph.

The Loiterer, evidently with this insufficent statute in mind, made some very intelligent remarks propos of this question.

The professional window shopper is a vagabond at heart—a loiterer by nature.

The style of a writer like Irving—a mere loiterer in the field of letters—is at best a creditable product of artifice.

Davus is a scoundrel and a loiterer; but you have the character of an exquisite and expert connoisseur in antiquities.

He produced Coleman's photograph, and the likeness was promptly identified as that of the loiterer.

One of them described the loiterer as a man about sixty years old, with "pleasant, laughing eyes."

The last loiterer had returned to his home, and the lights in the palace of the pork packer were extinguished.