Lolling [verb]

Definition of Lolling:

lay sprawled

Synonyms of Lolling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lolling:

Sentence/Example of Lolling:

Come along, Ambitious, he urged one of the pack horses who was lolling behind.

Then I wraps myself up in his dressing-gown, and lolling down on the sofa, bids him open the dor.

They were all gorgeously attired, and lolling about in indolent attitudes, as if life were an indescribable bore to them.

If you're still lolling about why did you tell me two hours ago that you were leaving immediately?

His vast mouth was open, his long red tongue lolling out, and his white teeth gleaming.

As it was, the three were lolling in lazy attitudes, smoking their long-stemmed pipes and talking in a disjointed fashion.

Cecily was shabby from necessity and somewhat touzled from lolling in the hammock.

On the benches six girls were lolling about, dressed in gaudy tights, and with them were three or four men.

And where was the fine lady lolling at her ease, wrapped in dainty raiments fashioned by the hand of others?

Under the trees, a little way back, I observed a group of young girls lolling in hammocks and idling in rustic chairs.