Lolls [verb]

Definition of Lolls:

lay sprawled

Synonyms of Lolls:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lolls:

Sentence/Example of Lolls:

The stones and metal rattle inEach dry and withering ear, As lackadaisical they loll,And preen themselves, and peer.

They either sit down on the carpet cross-legged, or loll on a sofa.

Women with soulless faces loll stolidly in the open ground-floor windows.

The pirates once more sat down and permitted their hot feet to loll overboard.

Did he loll in gaudy carriages, and look down with supercilious contempt on his poorer brethren?

Dave continued to loll by the stile and to watch the waiting Juliana, thinking of gypsies and the pure joy of wandering.

To loll at ease, breathing the sweet perfume of idleness, waited on by machines directed by a machine.

The latter seemed to loll on, totally heedless of such a tributary.

That is why you are for ever sleeping, and why you loll and rest at all times.

For the most part we neither stand nor kneel; we usually loll.