Loneliness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Loneliness:

He remembered standing once before on this very spot, that foreboding of coming loneliness so strangely in his heart.

At first I almost perished with loneliness, but now that I have a few acquaintances here I am enjoying it.

It was the starving sense of loneliness, the aching sense of loss, the yearning and the vain desire that made it seem so long.

Not too big for the fiery old heart that trouble and toil and hunger and loneliness had never quenched.

And he was a little sorry for himself and the loneliness which, he felt, would be his hereafter; but that was by the way.

The distant puffing of fire engines, the shrieking of river sirens, accentuate my loneliness.

Poe spent the rest of his life combatting mental sickness, poverty and loneliness.

Philip started, for his impartial mind, like Andrea's, was struck by the painful loneliness in which the youth was left.

At length breathing more freely, he reached the green sward, water side and loneliness.

The first impression of the two men was that the Baroness had exaggerated the loneliness and desolation of the place.