Loner [noun]

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Our mental image of tinfoil-hat-wearing loners isolated in dark basements is outdated.

Yet these dangerous rats, which scientists assumed were loners, turn out to have a close and cuddly family life.

The belted kingfisher, a loner from the moment it leaves its parents until it dies, grants a brief annual exception for a mate and chicks.

Attracting both loner and gregarious locusts, he says, means 4VA could function to both bring solitary locusts into the swarm and keep that swarm together over time.

He had been a loner for so many years that he found a certain inverse pleasure in following someone else.

I guess that's why they called him a loner, because he was alone so much.

Well, he had hair like his mother for example, but he was a loner.

"I think we're all agreed, fellows," said Chal-loner of the Morning Script, the dean of the gathering.

Well, my first impression of this individual is that he was somewhat, to use the term, "loner."

At last young Roosevelt could endure their persecutions no loner, and tried to fight.