Lonesomeness [noun]

Definition of Lonesomeness:


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Sentence/Example of Lonesomeness:

And afterwards we would watch the lonesomeness of the river, and kind of lazy along, and by and by lazy off to sleep.

“They call it the lonesomeness here,” said Joan, her voice weary as with the weight of the day.

The lonesomeness,” said Mackenzie, with a curious dwelling on the word; “I never heard it used in that specific sense before.

But she fretted under a discontent that made her miserable, even though it did not strain her reason like the lonesomeness.

The lonesomeness, and the hopelessness, and the wretchedness of life have disappeared.

The lonesomeness of the Big Vacuum was getting grimed into him.

We have such a lot of people about that our servants cannot sing the song of lonesomeness that makes dolor for most suburbanites.

Mr. Hallett was whistling a popular melody, but, somehow or other, the music only emphasized the lonesomeness.

For I know what to think when a young girl shivers by a warm hearth, and complains of lonesomeness at her mother's side.

Barring the inevitable lonesomeness that comes now and then, I can be happier here than any place I've ever struck yet.