Longed [verb]

Definition of Longed:

desire, crave

Synonyms of Longed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Longed:

Sentence/Example of Longed:

If those vaccines are as effective as Pfizer’s, they may be more attractive candidates in the long run because they don’t need such extreme special handling.

The longer the coat, the warmer it is—but make it too long, and you’ll barely be able to move your legs.

Ezra and Lauren know better than anyone that Vox has long since grown beyond being dependent on any individuals.

All the while, Dean enjoys a long quiet joyride through the heavenly countryside in his beloved car.

Entering the code sends out a kind of bat signal, letting other phones know to check if, and how long, you were in contact.

Developing an appreciation for the game, the kid who longed to be a sportsman could not resist the trials of competition for long.

As long as the ball is coming out on time and so forth, I thought he was in rhythm.

He was frustrated he went unselected, but he said it ultimately “didn’t matter” how he got to the NFL as long as he stuck around.

Not just this fall but headed into a long, cold, gray winter.

Washington should listen to any trade proposal that involves Wall, even though he has a long history with the franchise and its fan base dating back to his selection as the top pick in the 2010 draft.