Longer [adjective]

Definition of Longer:

extended in space or time

Synonyms of Longer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Longer:

Sentence/Example of Longer:

The tears came so fast to Mrs. Pontellier's eyes that the damp sleeve of her peignoir no longer served to dry them.

The tiny frown reappeared between her eyes, lingered a trifle longer than before, and vanished.

As if unwilling to trust himself longer in dangerous companionship, he went up to town with Thomas Carr.

When the reserve transfers are completed checks in transit can no longer count as reserves.

So strained became the relations between them, that for the last part of the advance they no longer met at meals.

The flower stems on the American varieties are much longer than those of European tobaccos and also larger.

And after staring at him a few moments longer she turned her head to look at Grandfather Mole.

The Turks were no longer in mass but extended in several lines, less than a pace between each man.

At the Flagstaff Tower the 74th and the remainder of the 38th suddenly told their officers that they would obey them no longer.

I may be tempted to postpone my retirement, and for a while longer to continue to gather the golden harvest that ripens round me.