Longevity [noun]

Definition of Longevity:

long life

Synonyms of Longevity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Longevity:


Sentence/Example of Longevity:

Paid media’s longevity problem makes it difficult for startups and smaller, newer businesses to maintain long term.

The key to human longevity, they say, lies in the genes of centenarians.

Yet after only a few genetic studies of longevity, a trend quickly emerged.

The research reveals insights into not only the creature’s evolutionary relationship with other living reptiles but also into tuatara longevity and their ability to withstand cool weather, researchers report August 5 in Nature.

Converging technologies will soon enable extraordinary strides in longevity and disease prevention, with companies like Insilico leading the charge.

Okay, so that looks to be strong evidence that longevity is at least strongly correlated with social relationships.

Many of them live as long as men who attain to the greatest longevity, some even to the protracted age of two hundred years.

I think there are many who would forfeit longevity rather than partake of it.

The longevity of abuses is among the most instructive lessons of history.

The bamboo and the plum are designs symbolical of longevity.