Longitudes [noun]

Definition of Longitudes:

extent of object, distance, time

Opposite/Antonyms of Longitudes:

Sentence/Example of Longitudes:

Rattray wouldn’t know it yet, but when he switched his computer on to check on her progress, he would find Serenity at almost precisely the longitude of her final destination in Farquhar Atoll.

Its habitat in Australia is known to extend as wide as twenty-four degrees of latitude, and twenty-six degrees of longitude.

The longitude of the south-west end of this island is by Captain Flinders' observation in 150 degrees 13 minutes East.

Croton quadripartitum, Labill., was observed in longitude 148 degrees.

It was seen in the latitude and longitude of an island visited by Drake, marked in the old charts.

The late Board of Longitude was another source of patronage, which, although now abolished, it may be useful to hint at.

Refer to the margin of map, and you will find the acres and the latitude and longitude calculated to a fraction.

The size of the elephant also varies, according to the longitude rather than the latitude of the climate.

If the schooner Coral should remain anywhere in that latitude and longitude, she could be found and Inez recovered.

The most careful computation showed they were in latitude about 19 south and longitude 140 west.