Longitudinal [adjective]

Definition of Longitudinal:

over a protracted period of time; running lengthwise

Synonyms of Longitudinal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Longitudinal:

Sentence/Example of Longitudinal:

There are also eight or nine similar white points between the base of the lower wings and the band of longitudinal spots.

The longitudinal drag due to the friction of a train when braked, about one-seventh of the weight of the train.

Great advances, or at all events alterations, have gradually been made in the longitudinal design of the boats.

The veins of the leaves always run parallel and in a longitudinal direction.

The muzzle is very thick, long, and surrounded on both sides with deep longitudinal wrinkles.

Just above this opening and on either side were small longitudinal creases.

The lining membrane of the gullet throughout is divided into minute squares by longitudinal and transverse furrows.

They are not perfectly flat; for besides the longitudinal curvature already mentioned, they are curved transversely.

They were shining, sleek ships, their long, longitudinal windows glowing with white light.

A boiler containing two longitudinal flues is called the Lancashire boiler.