Loo [noun]

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The third game, or lanterloo, is evidently the original form of the game now known as loo.

The partition planned at Loo was the partition of an ill governed empire which was not a nation.

The partition planned at Loo was therefore the very opposite of the partition of Poland.

Full powers must be sent to Loo, sealed, but with blanks left for the names of the plenipotentiaries.

It had been necessary to trust so many deputies and magistrates that rumours of what had been passing at Loo got abroad.

Caermarthen ordered out his wonderful yacht, and hastened to complain to the King, who was then at Loo.

The Houses had broken up; but there was still much to be done before the King could set out for Loo.

The Lords justices read this outrageous note with indignation, and sent it with all speed to Loo.

We generally settle our affairs of honour in the Loo-fields; but I suppose he is afraid of interruption.

"I was only speaking of him socially," said Van Loo, with a deprecating smile.