Looked [verb]

Definition of Looked:

examine visually

Synonyms of Looked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Looked:

Sentence/Example of Looked:

So even though neither was promoted, each got a close look from pitching coordinator Brad Holman, the front office and other minor league coaches.

Readers also hoping for the promised insight into Glenn’s personality and a look at who he was behind the public image are unlikely to find it in this book.

Nine bucks gets you a faintly sweet pineapple milk bun that’s named for its look but is free of fruit and sized for two to share.

The branding genius of K-pop band BTSLike other boy bands, BTS has the looks, the pipes and the style, but it was the group’s message that changed Murdock’s mind.

That look lasted for just one season because the NFL instituted a rule restricting teams to just one helmet shell per season.

Let’s take a closer look as we consider the differences between news and opinion as well as the role of an editorial board at a standards-based news organization.

The look of absolute frustration and dejection was all I needed.

That may come from a friendship story, a head-on look at racism or even a picture book about eating lunch.

“The Office of Historical Corrections,” by Danielle EvansThis second collection from the author of “Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self” takes a wry look at the many forms racism takes in modern America.

“The Professor and the Parson,” by Adam SismanA rollicking look at the life and crimes of Robert Parkin Peters, a plagiarist, bigamist and fraudulent priest who would stop at nothing — not even getting caught — to become famous.