Lookers [noun]

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The early looker-in might have made a useful study of these shaky epistles,—scrawls painfully executed by milliners and toy-women.

He was a singer of comic songs at "smokers," and a frequent looker-in at the shilling dances at the Holburn Town Hall after class.

He got up and, like one who is but a helpless on-looker in a fevered dream, he went to the bars and gazed out.

In nothing is this more clear (to the looker-on at the game) than in the endless disputes concerning restrictions on commerce.

Well, my notion is that a little good-natured fun never hurts a pretty girl—and they say this one is some looker!

Outwardly Friedrich's Life is quiet; busy, none can be more so; but to the on-looker, placid, polite especially.

She was always a swell-looker, and he had tried to put on the air of being worthy of such as she, in front of her.

But a flirtation, after all, unless in a one-act comedy, is not entertaining to the mere looker-on; and oh!

Indeed, the on-looker who could not follow the king through its various evolutions would be dull of perception.

The most casual looker-on might have seen the change taking place in his patient day by day and he was not a casual looker-on.