Loomed [verb]

Definition of Loomed:

appear, often imposingly

Opposite/Antonyms of Loomed:

Sentence/Example of Loomed:

Although operating as a makeshift bodega may not be ideal for every kitchen, Rivera believes this is where restaurants are headed if they want to compete as major changes in the industry loom.

Even as a child, I had always been around the loom and have had no doubt that I’ll be weaving.

Neither of us spoke again, and at length the squat log buildings of Pend d' Oreille loomed ahead of us in the night.

There was another personality that loomed large, in those years, on the Midland—Samuel Swarbrick, the accountant.

They were soon out-distanced, the palm-trees fell away, the soaring temple loomed against the blazing sky.

The one thing that loomed big in my mind's eye was the monstrous injustice of the accusation.

A horse or a tree or a clump of brush loomed up grotesquely in the vaporous blur.

Without warning, we found ourselves foul of a picket-line, and the vague forms of grazing horses loomed close by.

On one side loomed a huge tank, to the brink of which a rickety wooden ladder invited the explorer to ascend.

As Garnache's tall figure loomed before him he let the girl go and turned a half-laughing, half-startled face upon the intruder.