Looming [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Looming:

They all had relatively mild symptoms, said Goody, but the couple quickly realized they had a looming problem.

The looming transition marks the most radical shake-up in Amazon’s corporate ranks in its nearly 30-year history.

The federal government was warned of the looming disaster, according to an investigation requested by the supreme court, but didn’t do enough to avert it.

The law enforcement agencies tasked with protecting the Capitol did not act on this intelligence or adequately prepare for the looming threat.

The dangers are even greater with looming crises in municipal finance in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

While the company I lead is focused on the movement of money, I’d be shortsighted to ignore that looming threat on the horizon, because, frankly, it threatens our existence.

This looming deadline is probably why Mayor Todd Gloria decided last week to publicly open all the bids that have been sitting sealed in the clerk’s office since former Mayor Kevin Faulconer left.

Gerard Butler stars as a structural engineer in Atlanta who must get his family to safety in the face of a looming extinction event in Greenland.

Senior Congressional officials are placing a high-stakes gamble that pressure from a looming government shutdown will force lawmakers to compromise on the sweeping economic relief legislation that has been delayed for months.

Wall and Harden will appreciate having him as both a moving target and a looming threat in the dunker’s spot, to say nothing of the corner-three assist opportunities his dives will help generate.