Looms [verb]

Definition of Looms:

appear, often imposingly

Opposite/Antonyms of Looms:

Sentence/Example of Looms:

It was in full sight from the door of the little shanty in which Aunt Ri's carpet-loom stood.

From above, through the ceiling, came the vibration of some machine at work, and the machine might have been the loom of time.

The labour of the spade and of the loom, and the petty gains of trade, he contemptuously abandoned to men of a lower caste.

No well-wisher of India, no patriot dare look upon the impending destruction of the hand-loom weaver with equanimity.

I will lie down and round me wrap The cool, black curtains of the gloom That night hath woven in her loom.

We had good clothing made in a loom, that is de cloth wuz made in de loom.

Some days she set at de loom all de mawnin' peddlin' wid her feets an' her white han's flittin' over de bobbins.

It seems to have derived its name from having been woven in the old-fashioned way at an upright loom.

It was formerly supposed that the garments came from the loom ready to wear, but this is now known to have been incorrect.

The loom again was worked by fancy, until the article in comment was again produced.