Loons [noun]

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He came home late last night; his father heard a noise in his room and went in to find him as crazy as a loon.

"We made you our King because you have less common sense than the rest of us," answered Panta Loon, indignantly.

One or two ran away and presently returned, followed by a lady Loon wearing huge, puffed-up rubber skirts.

The lady Loon picked up the bunch of skin and examined it carefully until she discovered a hole in one foot.

Til Loon was one of those who ran against his thorn and many others suffered the same fate.

His foot caught the Loon—who was leaning over him—full on his puffy stomach, and sent him shooting up into the air.

Then the Loon tried to prick the Tin Woodman's leg, but the tin only blunted the point of the thorn.

They didn't want to take it,—they think me a crazy loon; but I insisted.

After a short wait she heard an automobile pounding down the private road which joined Loon Lake with the main highway.

The mother loon pushes and urges her indolent pair in the direction of safety.