Loony [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Loony:

The other theory is that if the GOP gets too associated with the “loony” wing, they can’t win suburban districts.

Fox is a bridge between the mainstream and the loonier corners of the right.

I suppose it's the old story—he always was a flirt, and his handsome face sets the girls loony wherever he goes.

Loony, for the liberty thus doled out to him, rewarded his benefactors by an occasional indulgence in the “pigeon-act.”

If you keep on talkin' loony in this way I'll begin to heave out a few hints myself.

Lulie is about as loony over getting married as ever I see anybody unless it was you and Mr. Bangs, Mrs. Martha.

Said she had a friend that was as loony about cats as she was and she was goin' to fetch her right down the very next day.

Them fellers was like the man that come out of Loony Park—they didn't know straight-up!

Talk about crazy—w'y, they's been a feller walked through this Loony Park and never knowed straight up afterwards.

"I wouldn't 'a' sot foot 'mong that crowd o' loony-tics fer a hundred dollars," answered Jess.