Loophole [noun]

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At the time of the law’s passage, net-neutrality advocates were deeply concerned that loopholes would allow operators to get away with practices that prioritize some traffic over other traffic, for commercial rather than technical reasons.

The government also was slow to plug a loophole that had allowed over 200,000 people to enter Hong Kong without undergoing quarantine—an exception experts say is responsible for starting the third onslaught of the virus.

Hall and his colleagues plan to address this regulatory loophole and come up with recommendations during a new round of workshops that will start next spring.

MediaTek’s fortunes changed dramatically with Monday’s order, which essentially closed the loophole that MediaTek fit so nicely into.

Zero-rating, by the way, is a sort of loophole that allows internet providers to designate certain websites as counting for zero toward a customer’s data usage.

No moon, no stars; only a red flash on the ground where the light streamed from a loophole in the great hall.

A narrow loophole barely filtered through a pale ray of light into that semi-Stygian darkness.

All at once he remembered his promise, and a cunning loophole dawned in his foggy brain.

If we got that, and widened a loophole, and shoved it through, it would look just like the muzzle of a cannon in the dark.'

They seem to belong to that commencement of terrible life which the dreamer sees confusedly through the loophole of the night.