Loopholes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Loopholes:

After sending one of the men to see through the loopholes in the tower whether the bourgeois was alone, I opened the door.

The stockade had loopholes in it, and above the top she could see a fluttering flag and the point of a tent.

I descended, minding carefully where I went, for the stairs were dark, being only lit by loopholes in the heavy masonry.

Yes, there are two loopholes in the logs in each side of the house, upstairs.

"I wish they would come on," Dick said, as he pulled out the straw from the loopholes.

Two companies were told off to man the loopholes of the stockade.

They could drive a bargain and could discover loopholes in a contract in a fashion to take the average backwoodsman off his feet.

You will see better to take aim through the loopholes; it will be quite light outside.

The guns having been discharged through loopholes breast-high, had taken effect upon the head and body.

The women disguised themselves in hats and jackets, fired from the loopholes, and drove off the assailants.