Looping [verb]

Definition of Looping:

circle, spiral

Synonyms of Looping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Looping:

Sentence/Example of Looping:

Thereupon Mr. Selden recalled that meeting, and others, and his voice trailed like a snake in the dust, looping cryptic patterns.

Next they go to another department where, with the aid of a special looping machine, the heels and toes are stitched together.

Her hair, too, was simpler than usual, almost carrying out the childish idea with its soft looping away from the face.

The Lakeville captain seemed to catch the ball exactly in position for looping it toward the basket.

She bent her head and commenced her work again, looping up the worsted with desperate haste.

He fouled the next two in succession, and finally sent a looping fly to Renton at third.

He held the sail with his right hand, easing it off and holding it tight by looping the rope on a peg set in the gunwhale.

Two censers: Very passable censers can be made by swinging brass cups on the brass chains that come for looping back curtains.

But now the scenery was changing with each fresh looping of the crooked river, the River of the Hares.

I exercised my prerogative, and a well-directed missile in the shape of a stone, brought him looping and writhing to the ground.