Looseness [noun]

Definition of Looseness:

abandon, indulgence

Opposite/Antonyms of Looseness:

Sentence/Example of Looseness:

The program also had “many loose ends” — especially a lack of training — he says.

Though the company notes that if, say, a heavy book falls on top of the kart after it jostled it loose from a shelf, that could ultimately be an issue.

These scenarios posit the human microbiome, which we imagine as mostly confined to our gut, as actually existing in a loose network that extends beyond our bodies.

It’s a recipe in the loosest sense, made when my partner and I realize we have enough of the ingredients already in the house, but nothing else to make it better or more cohesive.

While looser than the lockdown imposed earlier this year, the new restrictions will still damage the recovery, particularly for sectors like restaurants and transportation, and will last for six months, alongside the new support measures for workers.

It took hours to affix—and then it came loose within a week.

In the meantime, staff will begin re-writing agency policies that enabled the fast-and-loose personnel moves that were the subject of the audit.

They are, instead, a loose coalition of office-holders, interest groups, donors, activists, media personalities and many others, all jockeying and competing for power.

They found that it involves a careful balancing act between the rates at which the CNTs stick to the wafer and the rate at which they come loose.

I put my hand up and I said, “You know what, I think it would be really appreciated if we just cut everybody loose a half hour early, let everyone get back to the office a little bit earlier.”