Loosening [verb]

Definition of Loosening:

set free; unbind

Opposite/Antonyms of Loosening:

Sentence/Example of Loosening:

"Don't sound enticin'," said Scattergood, reaching down and loosening his shoe.

After using all his strength in long-continued efforts, he succeeded in loosening the bar of his bedroom window.

The Earl began to pull off his gloves slowly, loosening each finger first.

Then loosening herself she went all about the room with a caressing touch to everything, as though it were alive.

As illustrated, the device is set for six o'clock, but by loosening the nut C an hour's adjustment either way may be had.

The bag may be easily opened by unwinding the chain after loosening it by raising the bag slightly.

His dog was howling, his head was aching fearfully—somebody was pulling him about, hands were loosening his neckerchief.

Loosening her hand from the side of the boat, Myra wound one arm about the knees of the squatter.

For now is my chance to defeat nature and wring from the loosening grip of her hand the pure iron she never intended to give us.

And loosening the rein of his willing horse, away he went again in a wild headlong career.