Loosens [verb]

Definition of Loosens:

set free; unbind

Opposite/Antonyms of Loosens:

Sentence/Example of Loosens:

See that no one throws down the gangway or loosens the ropes till the order is given.

If your axe handle is dry and the head loosens, soak it over night and the wood will swell and tighten the head.

Man cuts up and loosens the soil with his hoe; woman follows after, strewing the seed between the clods.

A fresh gust of wind loosens its hold, and it is blown in circling eddies to the earth.

The guillotine loosens stronger bonds, and the whisper of the spy is more efficacious than the law of divorce.

They are then put into vats containing slack lime-water, which loosens the hair and kills the animal life remaining in the skin.

This loosens the collodion and allows it to be peeled off in the shape of a small test-tube.

The first man that loosens his tongue, Ill split him like a herring!

At this time each pistil loosens from the torus and can be easily removed, especially if some animal touch the hooks.

The willow exercises a winnowing action, loosens the large flocks, and shakes out much of the dirt contained in them.