Looses [verb]

Definition of Looses:

set free; unbind

Opposite/Antonyms of Looses:

Sentence/Example of Looses:

Tampa Bay’s win in Game 4 was an all-timer — and an all-time gut-punch of a loss for the Dodgers, who had fought hard to stake themselves to a 7-6 lead with two outs in the bottom of the ninth before all hell broke loose.

As temperatures rise and the peaks thaw, rocks that were previously held firmly in place by ice are coming loose.

Basically, if you’re hair didn’t look like the Europeanized image of silky straight tresses or beach-friendly loose waves, it wasn’t beautiful.

If you were loose enough in your understanding of what it means to copy yourself, for instance, then a spreading fire is a self-copying phenomenon.

Inside are 20 loose-leaf papers written in Lee’s grandfather’s hand.

Every time we wash clothes, microscopic string-like particles come loose.

If you need small repairs such as a loose handle, a leaky faucet, a hole or dent in the wall, then get it done.

Then all heaven broke loose as two ministers, Horn, and five others ran for the seat in a special election that cost $120,000 – the equivalent of $257,000 today.

The Harvard Business Review described it as a difference between Amazon’s “tight culture”—valuing consistency and routine—and Whole Foods’ “loose culture” blending idealism and high margins.

Members of Congress, however, say, loose protocols have stopped them from properly doing their jobs.