Loosing [verb]

Definition of Loosing:

set free; unbind

Opposite/Antonyms of Loosing:

Sentence/Example of Loosing:

Loosing their hold on each other they staggered to their feet with the red dust thick on their flushed faces.

Do not deprive yourself of such chances by loosing the cord which binds the three kingdoms in the bonds of a common faith.

At worst an unhappy victim of his own carelessness in loosing a peril upon his neighborhood.

Anson's horse, loosing the halter, plunged back, almost falling over a slight depression in the rocky ground.

Loosing Veronicas hand, Marjorie crossed the room and threw open the door of a large dress closet.

Mike looked her over carefully and nodded his head with understanding as he spoke to himself while loosing the spring on the trap.

Then she took him in her arms, and after loosing the buttons to his jacket, laid him in his cradle for a nice nap.

There's no need for grandiose schemes of reactivating warheads in buried missile-centers, of loosing thermo-nucs upon the world.

Jennifer saw it first and pulled up short, loosing his pistols in their cases as he drew rein.

King Henry hauing happily finished these affaires, returned out of Normandie, and loosing from Barbeflote, vpon the 24.