Looted [verb]

Definition of Looted:

steal goods

Synonyms of Looted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Looted:

Sentence/Example of Looted:

Yes, the industry is being smothered with big-budget “live service” games that offer endless loot, and many of these games struggle.

The Moros possessed a large number of Remington rifles, looted from the Spaniards, on whom they had often made surprise raids.

The Germans looted the place and smashed the mirrors over the mantelpiece, whilst there is a bullet hole through the door.

I have some looted straw on the clay, and here I sit and shiver, with my greatcoat and a blanket and mud up to my eyes.

Long ere this he would have looted the treasure chests and swept her up on his racing elephant had he dared.

The buzz of the communication screen—one of the few things in the room that hadn't been looted somewhere—interrupted him.

The Space Vikings looted their temple and destroyed it utterly; they carried away the graven images and abominations.

Mr. Gibney's programme was duly put through and capital of Kandavu looted of the trade accumulations of the years.

It is interesting to note that a khafila from Bokhara for Kabul arrived about this time, and was duly looted.

Shann waited in a half-crouch, his looted blaster covering the man now getting to his feet.