Looting [verb]

Definition of Looting:

steal goods

Synonyms of Looting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Looting:

Sentence/Example of Looting:

There, according to Zambernardi, US ambassador Robert Hill carried the loot onto a private jet headed for Texas.

Please, no loot grindIn contrast to the 007 game announcement from IO Interactive, which was a match made in heaven, the response to the announcement of this game has been a bit more muted.

The loot premise works with games like “Borderlands” that revolve entirely around getting new guns.

In August, the game’s director Keith Lee said, “Godfall is a looter slasher that features intense action, satisfying moment-to-moment combat, and robust loot progression systems.”

Jutes And paid us visits in their ships Bent on their ruthless looting trips.

They are reported as engaged in looting the city and getting drunk on the contents of the bodegas.

From them we heard awful tales of massacres and looting during the Bolshevist domination over the Black Sea regions.

Naturally, after being the scene of so much looting and such massacres, there is little left of the original city of the caliphs.

The desert Arabs hovered like vultures in the distance waiting for nightfall to cover them in their looting.

The "Joseph Park" was the last prize the tars of the "Sumter" had the pleasure of "looting" for many days.