Lope [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Lope:

Piegan swung into the coulée at a fast lope, and we stole carefully down to meet him.

This is Cervantes's description of the national stage in the time of his immediate predecessor, Lope de Rueda.

She saw him pause, bend his head, then lope away in the direction taken by Rajah.

The ponies were coming at the lope now, and not an instant was to be lost.

It has him down under the marriages with Pen-e-lope Miranda Folwell.

Gradually Clover slackened her wild lope, dropped to a gentle gallop, and then into a canter and from that to a walk.

When the western sky line gleamed in crimson glory Joe came riding at a long lope up the lane.

Instantly four natives caught up the senseless figure and made off at a lope.

He ever retained a high respect for the talent of observation, the native genius and the good sense of Lope de Rueda.

The young admirer of Lope de Rueda exhibited in his temperament and appearance more of the soldier than the poet.