Loped [verb]

Definition of Loped:


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Sentence/Example of Loped:

Still a-shiver at dawn, I saddled up and loped for the crest of the nearest divide to get the benefit of the first sun-rays.

The little black monkey dropped from his tree and loped after the keeper, and the woods swallowed them all.

When he fired the rabbit gave a jump that sent the snow flying and loped away across the orchard.

And Urson had already loped a couple of steps after the fleeting mutant, now halfway down the block.

Meanwhile from many points the destined warriors loped over the rolling landscape to the rendezvous.

Now Mike had loped silently over the frozen ground toward the direction of the timber cutting, without ever looking behind him.

Andy Green, of the Flying U, loped over the grassy level and hummed a tune as he rode.

Bound to secure the animal before rejoining Pawnee Brown, Rasco loped along in pursuit.

The sleepy cattle, chewing the cud under a willow, heaved themselves up with a grunt and herded together as the foxes loped past.

He tucked the letter into his shirt, mounted his waiting pony and loped down the caon.