Loping [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Loping:

The loping pursuit of that nameless, shapeless Something sounded like an echo in his head.

Beyond the door was a banana tree, with ten-foot leaves, and a little black monkey loping around under it, sort of indifferent.

Their trot is impossible, as we soon find, but the easy loping canter delightful.

"Whoever he was he lost no time," mused Warren, breaking into a loping trot, for his own haste was great.

In the early dawn-light, he was loping along the upper end of the valley with Father Fox.

At mention of his name the Hare went loping across the field and was soon at a safe distance.

He was quietly loping along the road when he saw the little white hood bobbing down behind the pine stump.

After loping some distance he was sure he heard the call, and stood perfectly still to await another sound.

As he spoke, Walley Johnson sprang past him and went loping down the hill with long, loose strides like a moose.

He was loping along over the prairies when a shout from his left struck upon his ears.