Lopsided [adjective]

Definition of Lopsided:

leaning, falling to one side; larger on one side

Synonyms of Lopsided:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lopsided:

Sentence/Example of Lopsided:

A healthy chunk of the Democratic base vote consists of nonwhite people living in overwhelmingly nonwhite neighborhoods that lend themselves to “packing” Democrats into inefficient lopsided districts.

To Jared’s point, it’s been strange because of the lopsided scores.

It was perhaps the most lopsided upset in the history of the NBA playoffs.

If anything, this ratio may be even more lopsided among Republicans.

The 21-year-old entered play Friday tied for first in the majors in wins above replacement,13 making the Padres’ deal to acquire him look like one of the most lopsided in recent history.

Now break up that lopsided, rickety table there and make a fire.

Art Kuzak could only sigh heavily, grin a lopsided grin, and produce.

That hitch in his development, rendering him the most lopsided of God's creatures, was his standing misfortune.

"Awfully sorry, Mr. Morgan," he said with a lopsided smile that didn't even look genuine.

Louise, meanwhile, out of hearing, was trying to sell a very lopsided basket to an elderly gentleman.