Loquaciousness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Loquaciousness:

What most people like is loquaciousness and its kindred vice tactlessness.

Nevertheless, he enquired kindly for Tavernaros hand, but for fully two minutes the latters loquaciousness was lost.

Mrs. Appleyard, thus spurred to reminiscence, recovered something of her customary loquaciousness.

You well know that the loquaciousness of men is prodigious, tremendous.

But he, too, turned off the matter by saying something about Maria's loquaciousness having left him no chance.

But this sinister aspect of loquaciousness is evidently proper to an oriental despotism and not to a free republic.

Yudushka's agony commenced when the resources of loquaciousness, in which he had so freely indulged, began to give out.

Yet the average scientist explains them away, with the ignorance and loquaciousness of a fisher hag.

But his loquaciousness ended with this small adventure I have just described.

We were jaded with his superfluity of loquaciousness, and were not sorry when the time of departure arrived.