Loquacity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Loquacity:

The damsel, uninterrupted in her own loquacity, had not discovered that this witty gentleman was——dumb!

A flock of paroquets flew over our heads, uttering their loud note, with their usual loquacity.

I am now to turn the tables by dint of rhetorical loquacity.

Whatever loquacity and companionship had previously existed in Snake Anson's gang were not manifest in this camp.

By the older writers the Aspen was the favourite simile for female loquacity.

Sangiorgio listened, taken aback by the loquacity of this little woman with the powdered cheeks.

I complied; and the associate of my solitude amused me by exhibiting his humorous loquacity.

In his presence, my poor little hunchback lost his loquacity and his presumption.

The King's physical malaise, however, is accompanied by a curious mental agitation and a strange loquacity.

Mr. Dennis and Mrs. Manning stared in astonishment at Jim's loquacity and at the glow of his face.