Lording [interjection]

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Sentence/Example of Lording:

O that the old lion had but lived to see the white robes lording it in his well-beloved city!

Sometimes we even had one of the colossal ruffians who are now lording it over France.

When as thine eye hath chose the dame, and the gay little song, It was a Lording's daughter.

Could he have done what he has in your country, where your dukes are born with the privilege of lording it over the Morgans?

He came back from there a year ago, and has been lording it over some people in London ever since.

Yet while finely lording it over outsiders, the bishops were brought curiously to their bearings within their own walls.

"These things are true that the glass mirror shows, lording," answered the wizard, reappearing.

The communal constitution was to substitute for the representative lording it over his elector the strictly responsible mandatory.

"Lording," said the old servant, watching him as he essayed successfully an exercise shown him but a few minutes before.

I know but one archer better than he, lording—yourself; and I have seen the finest archery in the world.