Lordly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Lordly:

So when he met Mrs. Jones, he doffed his hat in his usual lordly manner, and paused when she came to a stop.

With his vast income, acquired from the spoils of nearly every country in Europe, he maintained his high rank in lordly fashion.

He walked around in his lordly way, cocking his eye at his little yellow sons and daughters as they chased the fat little bugs.

Splendid was the emir in form and face, with broad shoulders and lordly height and poise.

The curve of the lip and the lordly poise for an instant disconcerted even the Syrians.

It is unnecessary for me to add that I intend to live in great style, and to keep my house on a lordly footing.

A senior who observed the incident dealt in the lordly way of his kind with the offender.

There was no longer a manifestation of lordly insolence and assumed superiority over the Yankees on the part of the whites.

Alternatively mesta—curds; the usual form of dairy produce hereabouts—identical with Jaels Butter in a lordly dish.

A maple spread friendly arms at one corner, a lordly tree that would blaze crimson and russet-brown when October came again.