Lorn [adjective]

Definition of Lorn:


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Sentence/Example of Lorn:

But worst of all, Hephzibah Wallis distinctly sulked; no other word will express the condition of that love-lorn maid.

You speak sooth, returned Aya, the moon is a love-lorn lady; but have you seen her faint sister who is sadder and fairer than she?

"'And love-lorn,'" interposed Lawless in a sharp, quick tone.

She learned it from a servant in Lorn, who sung to her when she was a girl.

Peers like child yer is too sweet and pretty to live allus by yer lone, lorn self.

I nebber seed sich shines as he is a cuttin up, by his lone lorn sef, in all my born days, nur yu nudder.

What cud wun lone lorn oman do ef de carpet-sackers shud come back sho nuff.

There was a bright moonlight; but she sat not up by the window, looking out at the moon in love-lorn guise.

And it has its idyls of forests, and fountains of love-lorn maidens and enraptured princes.

The love-lorn Troilus undertakes scarcely a single act without first beseeching some one of the celestial powers for help.