Lots [noun]

Definition of Lots:

great quantity

Synonyms of Lots:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lots:


Sentence/Example of Lots:

Cheap as they are, they are a poorer speculation than even corner lots in a lithographic city of Nebraska or Oregon.

I've tried to teach lots of folks; an' sum learns quick, an' some don't never learn; it's jest 's 't strikes 'em.

Old Pit Town knows lots of good people, and would give us letters, I suppose.

They heard how in the early spring in the meadow by the mill-dam Tim and I had stopped our ploughs to draw lots and he had lost.

But I drawed lots with myself and moseyed over to the school-house to keep a bench warm.

Different lots of Wright's fluid vary, and a few preliminary stains should be made with each lot to learn its peculiarities.

She has an obstinacy and a perseverance in sticking at you that drive you almost wild, but make you learn "lots" in the end.

Isn't our new home lots prettier than the little brick house where we used to live—77 Brown Street, Baltimore!

It will take you as long to drive around by the entrance as for me to go across lots, through the woods.

That's going to make things lots easier for my scheme, 'but I'll 'bide a wee' before I spring it on the Pater.