Lottery [noun]

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Deputy health commissioner Anderson disagrees about whether lotteries are useful, saying the city is pushing to improve equity through community partnerships and outreach instead.

Buyers will be selected by lottery, as usual, with designations for every team.

In most states, lotteries accounted for about 2 percent of total revenue, a significant sum, to be sure, but hardly enough to offset a tax reduction and meaningfully bolster government expenditures.

Worst of all, Dallas owes New York its 2021 first-rounder, which could land in the lottery barring a reversal of fortune this season.

Other proposals included implementing a lottery rather than the first-come, first-served registration scramble for appointments.

I drew Buttercup in the mule lottery for the eight-mile ride to camp.

Another winning ticket for $2 million in a Power Play drawing was sold at a store in Hagerstown, lottery officials said.

He is quick to quip that his ability to raise money for completely different concepts that are a world away from e-commerce are in no smart part due to his having already won the “startup lottery”.

He now makes a giant batch of pizza dough and a big pan of sauce once a week, then holds a lottery online to select 20 winners to pick up pizzas below his one-bedroom apartment window every Sunday.

“They can either use a lottery or simply select the next name on the wait list based on the order in which that child got added to the wait list,” said Peter Mason, vice president for communications at the Colorado League of Charter Schools.