Lotto [noun]

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I played lotto with Mendele and let him beat me; I found him when he was lost, and I helped him play tricks on our elders.

Lotto led a wandering life, which took him much away from Venice; hence his pictures are comparatively little known.

This cannot be the case, for Lotto seems to have had no close domestic ties.

One of our friends, who knew most of them, told us that their only employment at home was to play lotto from morning till night.

Why, I am anything but a spring chicken, yet Lotto was an old game when I was young.

There is a half-length portrait of him in the library by Lorenzo Lotto.

It is certain that the name was much earlier used in Italy and other countries, though Varchi employs only the word422 Lotto.

One is called the Italian or Genoese lotto, or merely the lotto; the other is the common lottery well known in England.

The wooden balls, like those of the Lotto, appear to have been hollow, and to have contained the ticket or written order.

They all sat down to play lotto at half-past eight, except old Grandet, who never played any game.