Lounger [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lounger:

Behind him, a lobby lounger moved over to the elevator boy, jerking his chin in Wilson Lamb's direction as he asked a question.

"That old nag won't forget the lesson the young marquis gave him for some time, I'll be bound," remarked one lounger.

Another lounger at Pfaff's whose name has become famous in the world of letters was William Winter, who was sometimes a visitor.

They included, of course, the camp; and every lounger who could obtain leave for the night came crowding in upon us.

The windows of the rooms on that side, lately occupied by Provis, were dark and still, and there was no lounger in Garden Court.

The Lounger had at that time a wide circulation in Scotland, and penetrated even to England.

The whole position of the lovely lounger brought out her grand bust into full relief.

A lounger who stood by luckily counteracted the bad effect of the interpellation.

The careless glance of a lounger on the pavement of Pall Mall filled him with a sudden anger.

The great stick that he used to carry had somehow changed itself into the curved walking-stick of a Broadway lounger.